Sidebar in Islamabad: ‘Saudi, Iran agree to mend relations’

A local journalist claims a very important secret meeting between Saudi and Iranian foreign ministers took place in Pakistani capital Islamabad on the sidelines of OIC’s Council of foreign ministers (CFM) meet on Afghanistan issue.

The scribe said in his vlog that the two Middle Eastern rivals agreed on a strategy to restore relations.

Talking to DesPardes, a diplomatic correspondent associated with a local news TV channel who attended the OIC’s CFM meet said, the “secret meeting” between KSA and Iran did take place and there were “some positive outcomes”.

DW reported in October that “icy relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran are thawing — and may lead to renewed bilateral ties”.

Diplomatic offices might open soon but it’s unlikely that the countries will become close allies, it added.

“Realistically, both sides should move on, think of the neighborhood also…but there are many sips between the cup and the lip,” a regional observer says.

The vlog also claims that an important meeting in Indian capital Delhi ahead of the OIC Foreign Ministers’ meet in Islamabad took place.

Five Central Asian foreign ministers did not attend the OIC meeting in Islamabad, it said. “Where were they?”.

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