SMALL Steps HUGE Impact (Videos)

INSIGHT — Last May, we bumped into few awesome videos and forwarded to our readers. They were awesome. Here they are:

1 in 2 British homeowners feed birds in their gardens — they are a huge impact. While Britishers practice social distancing (SD), these birds don’t. Humans don’t SD with them.

On self-help basis for only Rs50,000 Mohammad Amin of Bahawalpur built a “solar-powered” airconditioned 3-wheeler (Rickshaw).

Trees swaying in the breeze, as seen from above… Courtesy: Scott Hefti. They’re still doing even in the pandemic, drawing huge impact on climate change.

A raw talent with reasonable speed @TheRealPCB (Tape Ball cricket ), courtesy: @iRashidLatif. The videoclip went viral raising the Adrenaline level of our sport-enthusiastic youth.

“I am the original one. Modi is my lookalike”. Original or lookalike debate aside, Modi and his persona are making one hell of a huge (negative) impact in his country with the world questioning (in silence or loud) his “fascist” moves.

And this: US Air Force Base crew repainted their F-16C Fighting Falcon fighter into the latest 5th generation Russian fighter jet Su-57 with a slogan ‘The GHOST is here! Be afraid!’

Gorillas don’t like rain. They take shelter –with or without social distancing. Small step but a huge impact: We need them around even if the Coronacirus pandemic stays for next two years (some say).

LASTLY: Grandma was (always) right.

  1. Bahir muth jao. (maintain social distancing)
  2. Ghar baith kar kaam karo. (do home-based work)
  3. Phone per baath karlo. (talk online chat, etc.)
  4. Ziada hawas karnay ki kya zaroorat hai. (focus on need and want, not desire or greed)
  5. Paise bachao bure waqt ke liye. (save money, don’t spend it all)

Advanced nations are calling Grandma’s model the “new normal” which will have a huge impact. Huh? ? Didn’t have a video for this one last May.

Curated by Irshad Salim