‘Titanic Battle of Wits Between Status Quo and Naya Pakistan’

A “Titanic battle is ongoing between the status quo and the so-called Naya Pakistan”, says a senior State official in Islamabad. On macro level, he says, corruption has been checked to almost zero level, however, there are many sips between the cup and the lip, observers say.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, has his fingers on the pulse and therefore his take on the ongoing “battle of wits between the status quo and the agent of change” (Imran Khan) forces is significant.

The dress down of things is slowly showing results but definitely progressing, he says. Some observers agree. Some don’t.

There’s a sharp divide “understandably and for understandable reasons, says political analysts in two major cities of Pakistan: Karachi and Islamabad.

These changes are being looked at as intangibles as the man on the street doesn’t understand them. “I totally agree but as you said that the silver lining is that the (public land) records are not burning, the lands are not being grabbed anymore –rather being recovered”, said the official.

“It’s a titanic battle between the status quo and the so-called Naya Pakistan,” he asserts. Political analysts and observers agree there has developed dysfunctionalism in most institutions –over decades.

“They need to be fixed now or never”, said one. Another suggested “scholars and academia from all shades of opinion should be participative”.

The constellation of political parties are up in arms. They want to unsettle Khan setup and take on agent of change.

When nudged, the senior official gave a very candid view about things past, present and a little bit about a hope-laden future of Pakistan affairs as he sees it. Listen >

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