Transgenders Julie, Mannat and Sapna (Video)

IRSHAD SALIM — A few transgenders I had met at a markaz (marketplace) in Islamabad during February thru March 2022 are happy campers. They’re willing to learn, acquire skills, become economically empowered,” they said.

Julie (جولی)

Julie & me (جولی اور میں)

Mannat (منت)

Sapna (سپنا)

Sapna, Mannat and Julie are not interested in ‘vote ko izzat doh’ or in ‘Bhutto zinda hai” or in ‘imported govt. namanzoor’ narratives. Their narrative is ‘Hum bhi toh insaan hain’ (We’re also humans).

They don’t ask when they bump into me -after the first encounter. These transgenders seek ways and means to climb up the socio-economic ladder. “We’ll pay all taxes and be fully documented, why not.” This spirit that I found in them (our stranded assets) keeps their heartbeats normal — day in and day out with precise alacrity.

2 thoughts on “Transgenders Julie, Mannat and Sapna (Video)

  1. I respect transgenders from my heart❤️ I feel so much pain for them for so many reasons… Once, I watched their interview, heard what they go through because of their gender, how this society treats them, they have to leave schools because of the bullying, they are kicked by their parents if not then they leave their houses because of their siblings or parents, they don’t get education, that’s why they don’t get jobs and after trying their best, they survive by begging or work for such people, people bully them on roads, they abuse them…..

    In that same interview, I saw someone in Islamabad opened some factory which give transgenders a job of sewing buttons and a roof for living… (Sadia Tariq, Lahore)

  2. So unfortunate , transgenders have no equal rights and are facing open discrimination. Even judicial and other government authorities are keeping blind eye. They are human being just like others. So sad 🥲

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