Urdu is Ordu, Turkey’s ‘City of Oxygen’ (Video)

Ordu or Altınordu is a port city (the city of oxygen) on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, historically also known as Cotyora or Kotyora, and the capital of Ordu Province.

Ordu is considered the most beautiful Turkish city, bordering the Black Sea. In the Turkish language “army camp”, according to historical accounts, the city is one of the oldest settlement cities in the history of mankind.

How did Ordu become ‘Urdu’, the language millions in South Asia and the wider region speak?

To find out how Ordu became Urdu in the subcontinent and dubbed the language of foot soldiers (lashkari zaban) –centuries back and to-date, listen to this:

Curated by Irshad Salim, Islamabad