Pakistan: Growing Weed Instead of Tree

IRSHAD SALIM: A note from my diary Jhatke Pe Jhatka (Shock & Awe): A free and fair elections was held in 1971. It was free for sure, observers say. However, ‘fairness’ was disapproved, I say. Going forward, I wrote several expressions in poetic format (Sometime Somewhere), as in those days, in my early 20s, I did not know about jargons such as ‘op-eds’, commentary (I was good at cricket commentary!, and for giving opinion, I was made to believe that only elders had the right to give! To cut it short, in my teens and in the 20s, I would seek refuge in poetry too express and ‘get away’ from ‘trying to be a wise guy’.

Sharing one of the poems I wrote then (I was 18) in English (Urdu translation by Jamil Usman is at the end of the video): @IrshadSalim Jan 7, 2024: