What’s ‘the Titanium Economy?’

The future of the American economy is hiding in an unlikely place; valuable but unfamiliar.

The world is transitioning to a post-fossil fuel zero-carbon economy as the effects of population growth, anthropogenic climate change, and the awareness of dwindling petrochemical resources are becoming more widely known.


There’s a vibrant “titanium economy” made up of companies that you’ve likely never heard of, even though they routinely outperform major stock indexes like the S&P 500. McKinsey senior partner Asutosh Padhi and coauthors Gaurav Batra and Nick Santhanam highlight 35 firms—makers of aerospace parts, color enamels, and .recycled plastic lumber; things consumers don’t necessarily buy but which we all rely on for the functioning of our economy. And it turns out it’s a booming business.products that fly under the radar and yet bring immense value to the US economy.

In their book, The Titanium Economy: How Industrial Technology Can Create a Better, Faster, Stronger America, the authors “show that manufacturing is in the midst of a renaissance in the US. The stage is set for a resurgence in America’s industrial prowess, but getting there will require some critical changes in both business and government. The Titanium Economy provides the necessary playbook,” says Alan Murray, CEO, Fortune Media.

Kathy Warden, chair, CEO and president of Northrop Grumman commenting on the book says “The Titanium Economy illustrates the tremendous possibilities advanced technology brings to our world. The sector presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redefine what it means to deliver value to our customers, communities, employees, and stakeholders. As this book proves, tech-enabled industrial businesses have an opportunity to lay a new cornerstone as we build America’s economic future. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of our collective potential to make communities more livable, strengthen national security, and advance human discovery on Earth, and beyond.”

Susan Doniz who is Boeing Company’s, chief information officer and senior vice president, information technology and data analytics says, ““Manufacturing could become the next great driver of economic growth. The Titanium Economy offers a wonderful recounting of the opportunity at hand and a step-by-step guide for turning potential into reality.”

According to David Burritt, president and CEO, US Steel, “This book not only amplifies how important manufacturing is to national success, but it also inspires the reader to innovate for customer and stockholder value while advocating for a more adaptive, sustainable planet.” More here.

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