Laying Z-Shaped Track For Train -to Avoid Difficult Terrain (Video)

IMAGINEERING: ‘Z’ concept was used to design and lay a rail track operated by Darjeeling Railway at a hilly place called Rangtong -it has a rough terrain with steep slope for climb up and climb down of trains -this was said to be in 1888.

The then track engineer could not figure out how to design and lay the track linearly for steep climb up of trains. His wife is said to have suggested an idea.

Wife: Why are you so much worried with this piece of paper?
Engineer: I am not able to find a solution of this track design and laying problem.
Wife: What’s the problem?
Engineer: After constructing to this stretch, I am unable to proceed forward.
Wife: So what?
Engineer: No place to go forward, very steep terrain.
Wife: If you are not able to proceed forward, why not go backward.
Engineer: What?
Wife: Yes. Go reverse!

The Engineer worked on the solution his wife had suggested, finalized the design and had the track laid.

A Z-shaped rail track looks like this (climb-up, then climb down, and then climb up -to avoid rough, steep terrain:

He (Track Engineer) is said to have ‘mentioned this instantly in his diary’, Mir Masood Rashid’s video and text share at DJ College Alumni’s WhatsApp Forum claims.