10 Moments that Shaped the Future of Hydropower in 2022

Eddie Rich CEO of the International Hydropower Association signs off the year with a gift blog for the sustainable hydropower community.

As we look back on a year that has seen an intensification of global challenges, it is clear that climate change is still the biggest threat facing the planet. But while progress is falling short of what is needed to achieve net zero, a series of step-change moments show that we are beginning to see the green shoots of a sustainable hydropower renaissance.

The sustainable hydropower sector is primed to play a crucial role in fighting climate change in 2023 and beyond. Here are the 10 moments:

1.  New financial mechanisms and policy announcements
2.  New data highlights need for accelerated hydropower growth
3.  Widespread drought underscores the need for more hydropower
4.  New alliance marks closer cooperation among renewables
5.  New global commission calls for accelerated project approvals
6.  #WithHydropower campaign driving public awareness
7.  First Global Hydropower Day is celebrated around the world
8.  COP27 falls short of progress needed for net zero
9.  UNESCO issues new guidance on World Heritage Sites no-go commitment, backed by the sustainable hydropower sector
10.  The world’s first Hydropower Sustainability Standard assessment opens for consultation

…The publication of the 2022 Hydropower Status Report in July provided a reality check. With 26 GW of installed hydropower capacity coming online in 2021, and just 22 GW on average over the last five years, hydropower development is falling well short of the 45 GW per year that the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates is required to keep global temperature rises to 1.5°C. More here

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