India appoints first transgender as principal of a women’s college in Kolkata


KOLKATA, May 27, 2015 (MAMOSA Report): In an unprecedented development, India has for the first time appointed a transgender as the principal of a women’s college. Manabi Banerjee will head the Krishnagar Women’s College in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal. According to local official Dipak K. Kar, Banerjee is expected to start her […]

Flooding submerges Houston after wild weather kills at least 30 in US, Mexico


Houston, May 27, 2015 (MAMOSA Report) — Torrential rain has left much of central Texas swamped after savage weather killed at least 30 people in the United States and Mexico, and Houston’s mayor warned more deadly flooding could be in store. The southern US states of Texas and Oklahoma, and northern Mexico, have borne the […]

Baltimore Riots and Shootings: The City is Angry, Not Burning


By IRSHAD SALIM:  John Hopkins University, John Hopkins Hospital and University of Maryland are right in Baltimore. So is David Simon – creator, executive producer and head writer of the critically acclaimed television series The Wire (2002–2008) which became more of a treatise about institutions and individuals than a straight cop show. As Baltimore’s best-known […]

Brides for sale: Pakistani men involved in trafficking for sham marriages


London, May 26, 2015 (MAMOSA Report) — Each year, dozens of women from the poorer corners of eastern Europe are lured to the West for sham marriages. The men, who authorities told AP are often Asian or African, pay large sums because they want to live, work or claim benefits more easily in their chosen […]

Famed ‘A Beautiful Mind’ mathematician John Nash, wife, killed in NJ car crash


New York, May 24, 2015 (MAMOSA Report) — A photo of Nobel Prize winning mathematician John Nash and his wife Alicia inside their Princeton home in 2009 has now become memorable. The brilliant Princeton University professor whose life story was the subject of the film “A Beautiful Mind,” was killed with his wife on Saturday […]