China, West and the Islamic World

China, West and the Islamic World: The World in 2050, Romance of Three Civilizations is a book authored by Syed Hasan Javed, an extensively traveled former Pakistani diplomat, scholar and linguist. An uptick on his book’s sale on Amazon indicates interest in the author’s crisp, candid observations and predictions amid rapidly emerging geopolitical situation.

“Syed Hasan Javed has served in the Foreign Service of Pakistan for nearly four decades and was appointed as the High Commissioner to Mauritius, Singapore and ambassador in Germany. Amb. Javed also served in various diplomatic assignments in China, Europe and Russia. He remained in China in different capacities for nearly a decade. He thus had an opportunity to closely see different aspects of Chinese society. In China, West and the Islamic World: The World in 2050, the author gives an account of the natural traits of Chinese people, which is based on his close observations and interaction with the people while he was in China. The book under review is divided into eight chapters. The author has given a detailed historical background of China, West and the Muslim countries as well as the rise and fall of super powers in the first part. It sort of puts the ensuing analysis in perspective…it includes chapters on the rise of China, Russia and decline of other major world powers in the coming years,” writes Ms. Maryyum Masood in the Journal of Strategic Studies.

Zamir Ahmed Awan calls the book “a masterpiece’ in his review at geopolitika: For the last decades, the Muslim world was on the target of the West and victimized mercilessly. American brutalities and atrocities against Muslims have crossed the historical records. After the former USSR’s disintegration, the US became a unique superpower in the unipolar world, and the Muslim world was on its target. There was no other power to counter America or challenge, so the US harmed the Muslim world without any resistance until it faced opposition in Syria, where Russia stood to protect Syria.

The US is preparing to attack Iran too, but have to think not only twice but maybe several times because the US knows very well that Russia and China will not allow Americans to use force against Iran. The US can not ignore Russian and Chinese interests in Iran and could not afford to offend Russian or China anymore.

The same is Afghanistan’s case; finally, the US has to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. The regional powers like Russia and China, and all regional nations and stakeholders, have complete consensus for American withdrawal from Afghanistan. A stable and peaceful Afghanistan is vital for regional developments.

Although the Muslim world is divided politically and relatively backward in many respects yet, it possesses all possible potential to play an essential role in the future of geopolitics. There are around two billion Muslims worldwide, 57 countries as legitimate members of the UN, rich in natural resources, like oil and gas, etc. They have a large vote bank in the UN and significant contribution to the global economy.

The world is visibly moving into two blocks, one led by President Joe Biden, who is ganging up its European allies against Russia and China. In contrast, Russia and China show the Strategic Alliance to counter American threats and challenges and determined peace, stability, and development of this part of the world.

The Muslim world who has been victimized by the US, and US-led Alliance, will be deciding factor in future geopolitics. There exists enormous anti-America and Anti-West sentiments in the whole Muslim World, and definitely, they will stand with Russia and China in case of option. Although few oil-rich rulers in the Gulf states seem to be pro-America, the public is against America. It is masses and public opinion that matter in nations’ fate, not individual dictators who rule them.

I recommend the Book titled “China, West and the Islamic World,” authored by a well-known scholar, researcher, and (Pakistani) diplomat, Mr. Syed Hasan Javed, to understand the rapidly emerging geopolitical situation.

Syed Hasan Javed has served the Government of Pakistan for almost four decades in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has been appointed as Ambassador to Mauritius, Singapore, and Germany and various diplomatic assignments in China, Russia, and Europe. He has traveled frequently and has been to almost all continents. Having good command over several foreign languages, including Russian, Chinese, Persian, Arabic, French, and English, has good penetration and understanding of geopolitics. Based on his life-long experience and keen observations, he compiled this Book as a masterpiece. I strongly suggest to all scholars, researchers, politicians, and historians to read this Book and definitely, it will help you to explore further.

Although the Book is focused on China more, yet it has a dedicated Chapter on Russia and can improve the understanding of the Muslim world’s decisive role for all researchers.