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“If the past two years have revealed a stunning realignment of the international system, it’s the willingness of Gulf Arab states, and other Muslim countries, to tacitly and implicitly support the world’s worst violators of human rights against Muslim minorities, including China’s persecution of Muslims in China, India’s repressive measures in Kashmir and treatment of Muslims within India, and inaction on the Rohingya genocide, a people who have been essentially abandoned while attempts are being made to repatriate them back to Myanmar”… (How Arab leaders abandoned Muslim causes)

As of March 16 early morning, there were 169,387 confirmed cases of coronavirus with the greatest number in Asia Pacific region — China is ground zero of the outbreak, followed by Europe, and the virus has hit North America also. All these three regions are functioning cores, rest are regions with non-integrating gaps. Functioning Core is synonymous with those countries with stable governments, rising standards of living, and “more deaths by accidents than by murder”. In these regions, Connectivity has been bringing globalization between countries (including network connectivity, financial transactions).

There’s cultural malware in India: The rise of RSS, and it all started in 2019, on Christmas Day, on the streets of city of Hyderabad in the state of Telangana. “RSS today took a massive Nazi-style march,” wrote Ashok Swain, a professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Uppsala University in Sweden. All other rallies in the city were banned at the time. Hyderabad’s population is 30% Muslim, more than twice the national average. It has been a stronghold for rallies against the newly passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC). RSS is probably the world’s oldest and largest paramilitary group. A secretive, unregistered organization, its size is unknown, but estimated at approximately six million members (swayamsevaks). The US Commission on International Religious Freedom calls Hindutva an ideology “which holds non-Hindus as foreign to India.” Amnesty International says: “Hindutva is the political ideology of an exclusively Hindu nation.” An exclusively Hindu nation is exactly what the current Supreme Leader of the RSS, Mohan Bhagwat, insists that India is and should be… (The Polis Project)

  1. I met Nelson Mandela after his release from Robin Prison after 27 years in July 1992, he told the Pakistani delegation of which I was Deputy Leader.
  2. Mandela told us that during his imprisonment he read a book on Jinnah by Stanley Wolpert.
  3. Mandela said that Jinnah’s personality left lasting impression on him.
  4. Mandela further said that he decided to pay respect to Jinnah by making his first visit to Pakistan in August 1992.
  5. I coordinated Mandela’s visit as Pakistan’s Acting High Commissioner in Harare ,Zimbabwe.
  6. Read my book “Nation Building Paradoxes in India and Pakistan” for details.
  7. 7.Rest is history!”

Aurat March on Women’s Day in Pakistan yo-yoed between the highway, the jug handle and the cul-de-sac. It was a notch up though compared to last year’s but with a sprinkle of red-hot-chilli-pepper: “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” narrative red-carded by firebrand Senator Mushahidullah Khan’s oratory dotted with Habib Jalib’s Mein Nahi Manta. At the end of the day it was awesome to hear, see and read about the march: Project Democracy seems moving along just as renewables are.

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