Coronavirus: Pakistan Launches Online and Distance Learning For Pakistanis Staying at Home and Abroad

The initiative would harness social-responsibility driven opportunities in the crisis, experts say.

DESPARDES — Pakistan has launched an online online distance learning for hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis and Pakistani schoolchildren at home and abroad, as they maintain social distancing by staying home with their family and loved ones.

First month fee has been waived off to encourage as many Pakistanis and overseas Pakistanis to sign in as soon as possible, and acquire different skills and knowledge by watching videos including software development techniques.

Experts have lauded the initiative calling it timely, appropriate and value-adding.

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Pakistan, they say, has a huge youth bulge — almost 64pct of the population. It also has a fast developing service sector (specially IT and freelancing) and a sizable portion of female population who are looking for income generating avenues while staying at home.

The initiative would therefore harness social-responsibility driven opportunities in the crisis, they say.

The move comes amid global Coronavirus outbreak which has recorded a total number north of 436,000 and 19,600 deaths., according to CSSE. In Pakistan so far 1000 confirmed cases of the virus have been reported with 8 deaths.