Doodle Chaos: Imran Khan, NAB (Video)

In fall 2018, I likened Imran Khan tenure to this video clip by Doodle Chaos – I bumped into on the YouTube. In 2019, I wrote a post “Khan never danced at the White House” – it was the week he flew to USA and met with Donald Trump. Looking back, Khan’s struggle and then made to fall or have a fall-out indeed is comical and as crisp as Beethoven’s 5th Symphony plus the animation:

The Doodle Chaos clip above is also a good fit (in my view) to characterize NAB existence –its roller coaster blow hot and blow cold ride(s) over the years has(ve) been, for understandable reason, slow though – and not as telegraphic or dramatic as the 5th Symphony animation characterizing Khan Sahib’s ride.

A meme I came up with (in slow motion) on NAB in January 2022 is my further take on NAB (I’m in favor of it IF FIA’s hands are full and or tied):

Forgive me if I ruffle any feathers with my candice -no malice or bad intent is at all meant. Laughter is the best medicine I believe, and pictures’ worth more than 1000 words I try with to communicate in the age of digital, visual practices clipping our attention span.

Bottom line is Khan Sahib and NAB, both got overwhelmed with Doodles and Chaos – telegraphically, and in slow motion respectively. Rome was not built in a day I read and have observed. Pakistan Zindabad.

Irshad Salim, Karachi