Floods in Pakistan: THREE Videos on Human Endurance, Resilience

The deadly flooding in Pakistan is the worst disaster in a decade –at least 33 million people (represent about 15% of the country’s population) have been affected. Nearly 1,000 people, including 300 children, have lost their lives from severe rain and flooding across the South Asian country.

Volunteer Farman Ullah helps rescue some stranded persons in upper Dir (video below)

Sherry Rehman, the minister for climate change, called the floods “unprecedented” and “the worst humanitarian disaster of this decade.”

“Pakistan’s priority, at the moment, is this climate-induced humanitarian disaster of epic proportions,” Sherry Rehman said, urging the international community to provide aid given Pakistan’s “limited” resources.

A man fights the flood waters, rescues two kids

The South Asian country is on the frontline of climate change despite a relatively small carbon footprint — it must focus its rehabilitation toward greater climate change resilience.

A kid stands tall in flood waters, calls for help from God Almighty

DAWN reports: The federal government has decided to deploy the army in all provinces to help the civilian authorities in rescue operations in calamity-hit areas. A notification issued to this effect said the exact number of troops and areas of deployment would be worked out by respective provincial governments in consultation with the military operations directorate and General Headquarters.

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