Glasgow Curry House Tests DRONE Delivery of CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA to Your Door (Video)

Curry house The Shish Mahal is trialing the UK’s first drone delivery service in Glasgow –it would get food to their customers faster than by car, “at 50 miles an hour”.

The curry house famed for “creating” the chicken tikka masala teamed up with drone pilot John Crawford, 60, who planned the idea after seeing queues in lockdown.

Owner Asif Ali, 48, said: ‘It’s the future’.

John, who is a regular at the curry house – famous for ‘creating’ the chicken tikka masala – approached the owners with the idea and arranged a test flight in December.

John said his drones can lift up to 1kg.

“The drones can fly about five miles away, travel up to 50mph, and stay in the air for around 30 minutes.

“The drone I have just now can lift up to 1kg and your curry and rice doesn’t weigh that much anyway.