‘In moment of darkness truth is a revolutionary act’ (Video)

“The COP26 climate summit in Glasgow ended up being just another big flop”, writes Aljazeera. Except this no holds barred insightful, historically right, geopolitically discomforting earful talk by Vijay Prashad at the panel discussion:

A video of historian and journalist Vijay Prashad from the COP26 summit has gone viral for its hard-hitting statements on the “colonial mentality” of the West when it comes to action on climate change.

The Marxist intellectual criticized the climate justice movement, saying it was not “clued in” enough. “Let me tell you something, the climate justice movement is not clued in enough. Its slogan is: ‘We are worried about our future’. Children in Latin America, the African continent, Asia don’t have a future. They don’t even have a present. This is a middle class, bourgeois western slogan. We have to be worried about now,” he said.

If indeed the summit was a flop, as Aljazeera writes, and, “thus confirming that people should not expect international climate summits or governments to solve the climate crisis,” according to the Qatar-headquartered popular Middle eastern media platform, some of the Tropic of Cancer (ToC) States who can politically and geopolitically afford to take on the challenge, must do so for the sake of now and for the future generations sake,

That ToC States need to step up and show the path in the moment of darkness is the “Just Do It” shoe to be worn. Some States are resourceful to others needs now and in future also. Monetize the opportunity, grab the challenge this time nor or never.