India COVID Crisis: An Indian’s Perspective of ‘Meltdown’ (Video)

An Indian, with broken voice at times, and on the brink of sobbing, shares his views –says it’s a ‘meltdown’ –in his country –due to the pandemic. The Indian is Navin Kumar of Article 19 TV network channel. These are his words about the pandemic in India.

His views dovetail renowned novelist and social activist Arundhati Roy’s hard-hitting latest piece against PM Modi and his handling of the crisis –it is a catastrophe, observers say and could affect the globe:

“It’s hard to convey the full depth and range of the trauma, the chaos and the indignity that people are being subjected to. Meanwhile, Modi and his allies are telling us not to complain,” Roy writes.

“We are witnessing a crime against humanity,” says Roy, as she suggests, “Perhaps he (PM Modi) could just take a break from them – a break from all his hard work. There’s that $564m Boeing 777, Air India One, customized for VVIP travel – for him, actually – that’s been sitting idle on the runway for a while now. He and his men could just leave. The rest of us will do all we can to clean up their mess.”

News coming out of India is not good.

The huge South Asian nation with a population of 1.37 billion (second to China) on Saturday posted a record daily rise of 401,993 new coronavirus cases.

“The new variant from India has (also) spread globally”, says a source.