Joe Biden Wins: Some WhatsApp Share From Across the Atlantic

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been elected the 46th president of the United States, narrowly emerging victorious from a contentious White House campaign that stretched days past election night, as vote tallies in several swing states were slowed by an unprecedented surge in mail-in ballots.

Kamala Harris will become the first woman Vice President and the first Black and South Asian American to hold the office of VP.

Biden edged President Trump, who in the days since voting ended has falsely claimed a premature victory and baselessly said Democrats were trying to steal the election. The Trump campaign is still contesting the process in several states, and said in a statement Friday morning: “This election is not over.”

President Trump said, ‘I WON BY A LOT!’. “Concession is not required by law”…

A statement from the Trump campaign says: “Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states.” “Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated.”

Are we going to see 75 days of chaos and denial?, a South Asian expat in the US asks. He voted for Biden this time, he said.

Some of our readers shared their thoughts also with us on WhatsApp:

An American analyst: “No American president in history has ever been insulted and abused like Donald Trump. And the so called architect of the Arab Peace Plan Jared might end up in jail. Total reorganization in USA.. He could not fool everyone every time. A sad end to a confused man”.

An analyst based in Asia Pacific says: “A Red tide is sweeping the USA. Only the coasts retain any progressive, liberal, interests. Welcome to the Disimited States of America!” “I expect a protracted legal tussle. It would not do US reputation, or that of democracy much good,” he adds.

Abdul Aziz, Islamabad saays: “World will come back to normalcy.
The US Establishment’s nerve disorder will also be restored to full health.
Pakistan will have to behave rather than depend on personal relationship and verbiage”.

Syed, an Indian expat in Riyadh shared his thought: “the world is tired of real estate mogul bullying around with Nations. We hope Joe Biden’s victory will unite the people and work for the peace and economic growth of USA and world at large”.

A senior Pakistani defense official says: “Americans were suffering under Trump but the world was okay. Biden will unleash the tried methods of the empire. The Muslim world should brace for rough ride”. He adds, “With 70 million voters (the second highest in US history after Biden) rallying to Trump despite the mayhem he caused, points to the undercurrents that don’t bode well for democracy’s future in the US”.

Syed Muhammad Ali, Director, Center for Aerospace & Security Studies said: “Biden’s presidency offers Pakistan a new opportunity to re-set and improve bilateral relation with Washington under a leadership which is less paranoid about China than the Trump administration, concerned about Indian descent into extremism and skeptical about New Delhi’s political will to counter China.”

Amb. G.R. Baloch, Karachi tells us: “US and the world hopefully Biden would pickup pieces and reconstruct the ‘American Dream’ and the global world that we all aspire! May his weakness be strengths for world peace”. He adds, “Democratic institutions are quite mature in the US”.

Irfan, a medical practitioner in Karachi says: “Joe Biden is an old diplomat and has had cordial relations with Pakistan and that is the reason why Pakistan is rooting for him. In 2008, Pakistan had conferred Biden with the second highest civilian honor, ‘Hilal-e-Pakistan’. Joe Biden and Senator Richard Lugar were behind the proposal to bring $ 1.5 billion non-military aid to Pakistan. Lugar too was awarded the ‘Hilal-e-Pakistan'”.

Tariq Chaudhry, a professional in Lahore tells us: “Mian Nawaz Sharif (former Pak PM declaed an absconder by court) would try to gain advantage but would fail to achieve his revenge. Imran Khan (IK) would manage to interact with Democrats well due to his wisdom. IK would lead the consortium of balancing forces and act & so on…”

Kashif, an Indian expat in Riyadh says: “Whether its Biden or Trump or any other candidate the victory doesn’t matter for them. The policies of the country or the lobby or the one who makes the policies will remain same……??? and this is a FACT….” “So it’s not a big wow if trump loses ,Biden victorious they have to obey the lobby who makes the policies and have to implement the policies any how…at any cost….”

Syed Basith, Karachi sadi: “I think he will prove to be a better choice for the World with a balanced policy for all community”.

Majid, a Research Analyst based in Islamabad tells us: “America is polarized. The transition of power is not expected to be smooth where Trump still has some cards to throw spanners in the works . Biden will preside a polarized America and he appears to have no solution to unify Americans . Tough days ahead for US . Reminiscent of a declining power”.

Nasir Raza, a professional based in Arizona, USA said: “Relief and jubilation”.

Shahzad Qasim, Islamabad says: “It will be a chance to heal the wounds and bridge the divide in America”.

A senior party leader of PML-N shared this pic (below) when asked to comment on Joe Biden’s win:

Azfar Hussain, an entrepreneur in Karachi says: “Biden shall continue to stand rock solid with Israel. He shall be soft with India on trade and visas. He shall go back in climate change agreement. He shall I think again go back with Iran deal. It shall again open Chabahar Port project with India”.

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