WhatsApp Share: A Video From Gaza

Irshad Salim from Karachi: Back in December, a poetic expression of emotive thoughts on Israel’s Gaza invasion enabled me to curate this clip (below) –selecting what’s available on the Internet (why recreate the wheel) and curating a 30+ second powerpack of my take on the situation as I saw things unraveling:

Months later, Majid, a security analyst WhatsApped me this video (below) yesterday evening. My rest of the day comprised kaleidoscopic moments of despair, helplessness –anger is not my wallet, so I watched the clip over and over, and decided to pen and share with our readers, archive it also for the sake of posterity.

One negotiates for peace –in war using the term ‘ceasefire’ as the joker in the pack. What about the pack of cards? These are justice, honor, dignity, morals, ethics –children and women they are –of ‘lesser God’ they think –in Israel’s ‘killing field’ Gaza. Is collective humility and universalism of humanity the dead man walking? Probably so.

Latest report is that the health ministry in Gaza says at least 29,954 people have been killed in the Palestinian territory during the Israeli bombardment since Oct 7. The toll includes at least 76 deaths in the past 24 hours, while 70,325 people have been wounded since the beginning of the conflict. There are alarming signs of genocide which risk significantly exacerbating if not contributing to the harms which the Genocide Convention seeks to prevent. Since the beginning of the Gaza conflict, hundreds of thousands of Gazans have been displaced within the narrow coastal territory, AFP has reported. Nearly 1.5 million people are now packed into the far-southern city of Rafah, where Israel has warned it plans to launch a ground offensive. Those who remain in northern Gaza have been facing an increasingly desperate situation, aid groups have warned. “If nothing changes, a famine is (also) imminent in northern Gaza,” the World Food Program’s deputy executive director Carl Skau told the UN Security Council.