Nayyara Noor Renders Faiz Poem on Former East Pakistan (Video)

Nayyara Noor renders her voice with music to the poem written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz after his visit to Bangladesh (former East Pakistan) in 1974, and captured the feelings, having sensed the cold response he got from his friends and comrades as a result of the estrangement between the two wings of Pakistan:

Nayyara Noor became one of Pakistan’s most iconic singers, known for her renditions of work by the revolutionary poet Faiz. She passed away on Sunday in Karachi, after a brief illness. Noor was 71.

ALJAZEERA: Often known as “Bulbul-e-Pakistan” (Nightingale of Pakistan), Nayyara Noor was born in November 1950 in Guwahati, Assam in India, where she spent her early childhood before her family relocated to Karachi, the capital of newly created Pakistan, a few years later. She went to the prestigious National College of Arts in Lahore, where her singing talent was first discovered, and by the late ’60s she had made her debut on state television. In a versatile career full of iconic songs, she will forever be remembered for her renditions of work by Pakistan’s famous revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz – music released in a 1976 compilation called Nayyara Sings Faiz.

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