‘You Either Live Long or You Live Short, and You Can’t Do Much About it.’

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John Alfred Tinniswood, age 111, was recently confirmed as the world’s oldest man by Guinness World Records and said the secret to longevity was ultimately “pure luck.”

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Birthday girl: The world’s oldest known female gorilla, Fatou, eats a kiwi from a gift basket as she marks her 67th birthday at the Berlin Zoological Gardens:

Photo: John Macdougall / AFP via Getty Images

Baseball for Dummies: Strikes are desirable for the pitcher and the fielding team, as three strikes result in a strikeout of that batter. A pitch that misses the strike zone is called a ball if the batter fails to swing at it:

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You Don’t Have to See the Eiffel Tower to Know it Exists: French athlete Anouk Garnier climbs up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France:

Dimitar Dilkoff / AFP / Getty Images

Honey or Sting, Stop the Climate Change Train: Bees on the move in Frankfurt, Germany:

Eclipse. Duh! The solar eclipse passes over the Washington Monument, in Washington, DC:

Bill Ingalls / NASA via AP

Things Happen; Sometime Most of the Time: جب جس کا دل چاہتا ہے اسلام آباد پر چڑھائی کر دیتا ہے

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