‘SITUATION’ in INDIA: Afghan Students Feel the Heat, Media Facing Credibility Crisis (Watch)

DESPARDES — World’s largest democracy is taking a U-turn toward becoming a Hindu state, and as it does things are unraveling: India slipped to the rank of 140 out of 180 on media freedom — that’s behind Afghanistan and Sudan.

We have another situation in India where Afghan students studying all over the country are generally facing the heat — socio-cultural and ethnic/linguistic differences between them and the rest are reportedly becoming discomforting — post PM Modi’s 370 move in occupied Kashmir followed by amending the Citizenship Act are doing it, independent observers say.

The Economist in its latest article says India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is stoking divisions in the world’s biggest democracy, and its 200m Muslims fear the prime minister is building a Hindu state.

The mag’s Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) lowered India 10 spots on Democracy Index, citing erosion of civil liberties in the country.

Muslim-majority and Pashtu speaking Afghans in thousands were given scholarships by Delhi for studies in India. They relate more with their Pashtu-speaking brethren in Pakistan socio-culturally and religion wise.

This aspect has been on the back-burner, but realization among most of them appears to be creeping in.

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