‘After 70 Years I’ve Come to Realize as a Muslim I Can’t Live in India’: Naseeruddin Shah

DESPARDES — Bollywood’s award-winning actor Naseeruddin Shah says after 70 years he has come to realize that as a ‘Muslim’ he cannot live in India.

The creative Indian actor — an icon — says he’s surprised that other major Bollywood actors choose to remain silent on the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Shah expressed anguish at the ongoing situation in his country of birth.

The 69-year-old renowned actor said he’s not afraid of the situation, however, he’s definitely upset. ‘I am angry and I believe every right-thinking man must be angry’.

Shah said he fears, his children will not have an answer if a mob surrounds them and asked: “Are you Hindu or Muslim?”

Shah also says there is a “poison” that has spread in the Indian society. “It will be very difficult to capture this gene (djinn) back into the bottle.”

“There is complete impunity for those who take the law into their own hands,” Naseeruddin says. “We have already witnessed that the death of a cow has more significance [in today’s India] than that of a police officer.”

Priyamvada Gopal, who teaches in the Faculty of English at Cambridge University, weighed in the situation in India, saying the attack on Jawaharlal Nehru University shows that the ideological civil war in India has taken a new violent turn.

15 thoughts on “‘After 70 Years I’ve Come to Realize as a Muslim I Can’t Live in India’: Naseeruddin Shah

  1. Very well said acuaĺly both india and Pakistan the power always remains with the most corrupted and mafia groups which deliberately snatch bread and life from masses with help of Police bureaucracy court mafia most powerful Army. And play a game of fight between people. Only difference in India the method is different and in pakistan it is different. This issue remain the same bread education employment house and justice. Power hold with stupid it’s fact.

    1. You are absolutely right.. but the same situation in Pakistan…both countries are run by corrupt mafia and crooked system…innocent people are suffering regardless of any religion…as long as this currupt system will run by powerful bureaucrats, technocrats and judges who supposed to help and run the system smoothly but unfortunately ?
      Sir Naseer uddin Shah is one of the best actor, his is an asset for nation..wish him good luck and long life….?????

  2. Who told you to live in India.You at a liberty to go to your brothers country . You are an ungrateful so and so.You have earned enough money so it is easy for you to say.We now know the colour of the ungrateful inhuman being and you are trying to involve other Bollywood actors and actresses.They are not stupid like you .You don’t have any grey matters in your brain.

    1. He was born in India you fascist! He’s merely expressing his fears and your reply confirms his fears.

  3. It is an old ploy of the corrupt mafia that includes politician, religious bigots , opportunist industrialist and business houses aided by a sold out media and a judiciary that dispenses justice at the direction of their masters who have installed them.
    It is dark days for a country as great as India which has been melting pot and fusion of culture from round the world
    The philosophy and culture of India is universally appreciated and respected.
    I don’t think an illetrte Chaiwala or a Shah bereft of intellect can destroy India
    Sensible and intellectual India will prevail.
    The BJP’s philosophy of spreading communal hatred, facist ideology of suppressing minorities, students and intellectuals among others shall only back fire.
    The history is witness to likes of Hitler who temporarily attract large following ultimately are crushed and die under pathetic situation
    India is a country of Ram, Buddha,
    Sufis and Gandhi it shall prevail over
    satanic evil forces.
    India Zindabad

  4. Our brothers/cousins often used to have debates with our parents/uncles, that they should not have left their family property in India to come to Pakistan. All pros and cons came under discussion.
    The new laws prove that they took the correct decision.

  5. India is no more safe, and no more secular country remain.
    Fascist ideology’s RSS Control India. It’s day by day getting situation worse and I am surprised why President of India or Indian army intervin in these desperate situation ,when country needs them.

  6. The CAA granting citizenship to victims of persecution in self proclaimed islamic states is one thing, the sadist excesses of hindutva fanatics is another thing. Mixing the two things up is not correct.
    I think parliaments may grant refuge/ or citizenship to individuals and groups who are politically, socially or religiously persecuted. That is the prvilege of an elected body. I support the CAA.
    I do not support a climate of intolerance. When a fanatic dtermines you are a muslim, he is a christiam and I am a true hindu, that fanatic has no idea of hinduism. Hinduism not only tolerates but also acknowledges every other path to God. Yes, Hindutva ideologues promote their Bharat….That is dangerous and I utterly deplore it.

  7. Those who say they cannot live in india,must follow their heart and migrate to any other country ,then you will realize that the freedom you have to utter any thing ,will bring you to jail in other country ,look around ,you will find out your self ,

  8. Iss Neq qaam mei deri q nasir mia… with ua statement d hidden villain which u portrayed in krishh, Sarfarosh n Mohra has shed d sheep skin n now exposing ua tru colours. Don’t 4get it’s d Indians gave u so much name, fame n self respect, u shud not try to spit in d plate blessed by Mother India.

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