Top 10 Emojis of 2023: What Do They Share in Common?

Shaking face and the hearts in shades of pink, grey, and blue are most well-liked emojis this year. ‘Crying With Laughter’ tops the list!

The top ten emojis for 2023 had a good impact on online conversation as per an Irish emoji specialist and editor-in-chief of the reference website Emojipedia, Keith Broni.

He claimed that the majority of the most popular emojis were positive ones. “The most-used emojis of 2023 were a selection of the absolute classics from the emoji keyboard,” Broni told South West News Service.

Curated by Irshad Salim; Sep. 2021

The Dublin resident asserts that since emojis entered the online vocabulary in 2008, they have been used more frequently in online communication, demonstrating, in his opinion, the importance of graphical discourse for both Gen Z and older generations.

In fact, according to Emoji pedia , one in five posts used emojis throughout the past ten years, based on seven billion tweets. The shaking face and the hearts in shades of pink, grey, and blue were the most well-liked emojis this year.One notable omission from the rankings was the widely used “thumbs-up” symbol. It’s possible that Zoomers were able to eventually get the emblem removed because of its perceived “hostile” and “rude” meanings.

The top 10 emojis for 2023 are:

  1. Crying with laughter
  2. Rolling on the floor laughing
  3. Red heart
  4. Folded hands
  5. Loudly crying
  6. Heart eyes
  7. Sparkles
  8. Fire
  9. Smiling face with smiling eyes
  10. Smiling face with hearts

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