Twitterati, Including Wasim Akram Rip Karachi Garbage Issue

In August, NDMA directed military’s FWO outfit to remove garbage on emergency basis. It cleaned up and removed 31,000 tons of garbage from 3 Nullahs of Karachi within 6 days.

This one-time step was taken after media outcry and social media showed videoclips of the filth getting carried away with rain. Like this one:

According to an estimate 18,000 tons of garbage is generated daily in Karachi. The authorities deliver 11,000 tons of garbage to the landfill site. 3,000 tons of garbage are dumped in storm drains. 4,000 tons are left on the roads, side streets.

“People are also responsible for not having civic sense”, said some twitteratis and members in WhatsApp forums.


This unknown imagineer came up with his/her own take on the mega city’s garbage-related matter.

Back in 2017, we had published this toon –not much has changed:

Garbage remains a footsie for the movers and shakers, and for some members of the citizenry a “sub chalta hai” (meaning it’s okay) to dump garbage at will anytime anywhere…