Why I Support Imran Khan

A WhatsApp share by Zafar Iqbal: Imran Khan is the ONLY leader in the history of Pakistan who has genuinely worked his way up to the top.
Sadly, nobody understands this. People belittle his struggles by mocking him but let me tell you, these Zardaris and Nawaz Sharifs have been given parties to lead, on a platter.
Zardari hijacked PPP after Benazir’s death; Nawaz was launched in an established party by Gen Zia.
None had to actually struggle.
The notorious maulanas got their place by joining those in power or the 2 mainstream parties.
No party except MQM was formed through some form of democratic process, but that too involved target killings, bhatta collection and ghundagardi; then Altaf hijacked MQM from the founders. MQM was run by terror and thus that too does not qualify as a genuine democratic party.

It was so easy for Imran Khan to join any mainstream party and become a minister and then work his way up like the others. He had offers from almost every government ever since he entered politics.
He could have enjoyed a very successful career but he chose not to, as he didn’t enter politics to make money or fame. He wanted to change the system that was destroying the country; he wanted to uplift the life of the common man in Pakistan.
He chose to fight these gangsters alone. It was seemingly an impossible and daunting task and everyone mocked him for stubbornly fighting a lost battle, and if you just go back a few years, it seemed like that too.
Nobody perceived a positive change was ever possible, everyone simply shrugged off the thought saying, “ye Pakistan hai, yahan kuch nahi badalnay wala.” It was all acceptable and normal.

Imran Khan proved his mettle; he stood against the tide and remained unshakable.
I challenge anyone, from all his critics, from the intelligentsia and his political rivals, from so called giants like Ch Nisar, Javed Hashmi, Aitzaz Ahsan or even Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who have decades of political experience, to make a party 1/4th as strong as PTI, or even make a considerable difference in the system.
None will dare to do so because they have always held positions and ministries and that’s all they are capable of.
No individual can achieve what Imran has, bearing in mind that Imran was not from a political family. He had no political support and he was only a sportsman.

Look around in the world, you will not find ONE such man who made such a contribution in the political arena.
Legends and stars like Clint Eastwood, Arnold Shwarzenegger, Amitabh, Sunil Dutt, Dharmendra, Govinda, Shatrugan, Sachin Tendulkar, Ranatunga and countless others entered politics because of their fame and fan followings but where are they today? Nowhere!
They all decided to join one of the mainstream parties because it wasn’t possible for them to succeed on their own, and none of them made any considerable contribution.

Parvez Musharraf, the man who had the most powerful seat in the country, and was president for 8 years, could not make an impact, not even on a provincial level.
Even the national hero, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan tried his luck; he launched a party but failed miserably and is nowhere to be seen.
Mind you, all the leaders, from Benazir, Nawaz, Altaf, Asfandyar and even Musharraf have lived in self-exile when they were not in power. Imran in his 23rd year of struggle has remained in Pakistan, in opposition, fearlessly against his fiercest rivals…. He does not know fear!

It is so easy to sit and criticize Imran Khan, but nobody will dare or even care to try to fight the system.

I know he has a past,
I know he has flaws,
I know he makes mistakes, and I know he is far from perfect.
But I also know that he is sinfully honest, very sincere, very patriotic, incorruptible, and not a wily, dodgy character. He is passionately dedicated and he is a visionary. In short. he is the BEST man for the job.

In a country like ours where corruption is as acceptable as breaking the law, it is nothing short of a blessing to have a leader with such an impeccable track record, and who is selflessly working for the prosperity of the people. Specially when the people he’s trying to help are against him.
I don’t think anyone in Pakistan’s history has withstood so much slander, abuse, false propaganda and opposition.
I believe that nobody could.
From being a yahudi agent, to an establishment puppet, from a liberal, drug addict modernist to a taliban khan and what not…. His marriage, his divorce, his pet dog, everything he said or did was criticized. His sisters and even his deceased parents have been subject to verbal abuse.
Had it been anyone else in his place, he would have quit long ago but Imran Khan bore it all, because to him, his cause was bigger than his pride. He remains selflessly and fearlessly resilient.

When Imran Khan had to choose between his marriage (to a woman who still respects him) and Pakistan, he chose Pakistan.
He chose to live away from his children, which he admitted, was the most painful decision of his life.
He gave up a luxuriously royal and a very relaxed life, for his ungrateful country.
Let’s not forget the World Cup he gave to Pakistan.
He gave Pakistan the most talented cricketers before he left.
The likes of Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Aquib Javed, Mushtaq Ahmed, Saqlain Mushtaq, Rashid Latif, Moin Khan and Inzimam ul Haq, just to name a few.
He gave Pakistan the Shaukat Khanum memorial Hospital, two world class cancer hospitals, where the poor receive the most expensive and best treatment for free.
He was the only foreigner, Pakistani Chancellor of Bradford University for a good 5 years.
He gave us Numl University, of an international standard.
And he doesn’t draw a salary or benefits from any of the above.
He has so far only given to this country!
Can you name 1 person who has given Pakistan so much?
Nobody comes even close to him…

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  1. Realistic analysis. What he did in his short tenure, no body has done in past 70+ years.

  2. What he did in his short tenure, no body has done in past 70+ years.

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