FIVE AWESOME Paintings: WhatsApp Share

Every day, Khalid Chaudhry wishes good morning with a painting in the “National Press Clubs'” WhatsApp Forum in Pakistan. We picked five awesome ones he shared this week to share these with our readers:

Medium: Pencil Sketch. Size:A4
“Life is like a mirror, smile at it and it smiles back at you”.
Artist: Neetu Agnihotri

Sunflower, oil on canvas by Iris Scott
Finger painting artist since 2009. She’s living and working in Northern New Mexico

Painting by French Painter Jean-Leon Gerome
Title: “Merchant of Skins”; Cairo, 1869

By Canan Berber: Turkish Artist. She lives in Istanbul

Painting by Faruk Gunayer
Title : Bazaar-Konya; Turkey Ottoman period 19th Century

WhatsApp share by Khalid Chaudhry, Pakistan

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