Positive Karachi. Don’t Leave Home Without It

IRSHAD SALIM — IT is not the rape capital of South Asia thank God. It’s neither the pollution capital of the world, for God sake. Karachi definitely is on the horizon though as THE emerging CAPITAL (perception counts) of the region. The good guys, some of the bad guys, and not so many ugly guys have had their intentions locked in on the mega city for decades. A relay race has been going on. That’s seeing an end for the better.

The agony and ecstasy of the good guys and of the Karachiites has a price and is priceless at the same time any time.

Having a Karachi postal address is a prize in my opinion –just as having a New York City or a Princeton one.

Enjoy it. Own Karachi.

This young man is doing so –after the rain which made the flooding break the 90-yr record. He and his significant half seems to be making the best out of the not so (others say) worse situation:

Surfing in Karachi

Suggest, don’t leave home without it young man. You never know but remain power positive. Finding a solution within a problem is not a cup of tea for many.

This gentleman (Faisal Aziz) appears to have wrapped it all well in his vlog:

Thanks for the warning Mr. Aziz! (JJ: Just Joking)

It’s good for the mega city of 20m+ population, the economic powerhouse of Pakistan (I would say) that at the end of the day, things are improving as the vlog says –just as they always do –one day at a time –example is any city revitalization project up north facing stop and go (Bronx-like) for bureaucratic or other reasons.

Thanks for the reminder Mr. Aziz, not joking at all.

The parallax effect however quizzes many residents when this happens or that’s happening (as you say), specially the elders (senior citizens) and the elitists. Don’t blame them.

All (young men, the elders and the elitists) get adrenaline rush for different reasons. Some shape up, some get bent out of shape.

A vantage view is therefore a must, in such a scenario (most have done so in the metropolis). The ability to look at the horizon has been an added plus for most.

I won’t leave home without this (card) in my wallet.

Rest, I would shelve as monkey math (monkey business):

Monkey math