Trump Conspiracy Theorists Excited He’ll Declare Martial Law Before Biden Inauguration

There is a slew of conspiracy theories that all come to a head on Wednesday. One claims that cell phones will somehow stop working, protests are planned, and attacks are rumored. The latest conspiracy is that President Donald Trump will declare martial law before President-elect Joe Biden can be inaugurated, using the Emergency Broadcast System to announce it…Among those most ardent Trump cultists who believe that the election was stolen, there is a belief that a reckoning is coming on Wednesday. Some kind of war will break out and the outgoing president will rise to power….Trump fans are warning their followers to stock up on food because martial law will begin. One YouTube star who purports to have an alien mother and alien daughter has more than 3.5 million views on a video saying Trump signed the Insurrection Act. Another video with 1.7 million views says as much as 85 percent of Congress could be arrested. More here.