Pakistan Bells Out 2019 With First Batch of Dual Seat JF-17, Live Missile Firings in North Arabian Sea

PAC and China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation also signed an agreement for co-production of Chinese commercial aircraft.

DESPARDES — Pakistan’s nascent military-industrial complex rolled out the first batch of 8 dual seat JF-17 aircraft — in record time of five months — at its Aircraft Manufacturing Factory in Kamra on Friday.

Unrelated to the report, Pakistan on Friday also conducted live missile firings at sea.

With an impressive display of firepower, the country’s Navy demonstrated its combat readiness through live firing of missiles from surface, subsurface and air platforms in North Arabian Sea.

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The Anti-Ship Missiles were launched from Pakistan Navy Destroyer and Aircraft, said an official statement issued on Friday.

The Fast Attack Craft (FAC) fired a missile from the sea to surface level, while another missile was also fired from the underwater conventional submarine to the ground.

The missile firing revealed two very important capabilities, says a Pakistani defense official. Missiles that were launched from the Fast Attack Missile Craft and the Submarine engaged land-based targets, indicating that Pak Navy has acquired a robust land attack capability.

“Should make Indian Defense planners a bit more uneasy,” the expert commented.


The serial production of dual-seat JF-17 variant within the country is considered a landmark development for Pakistan’s JF-17 program undertaken with its ‘all-weather friend’ China with an eye toward export also.

The program’s JF-17 Thunder fighter squadrons have already become the backbone of Pakistan’s Air Force — these fighting birds were battle-proven during operation Swift Retort — reports say they have also been exported to more than one country.

For China, JF-17 Thunder’s battle-test during Swift Retort to counter India’s post-Pulwama incursion into Pak territory was a first. An Indian fighter was downed, its pilot captured and released as peace gesture.

Independent observers characterized the Swift Retort and the capture/release of the Indian pilot as Pakistan having added two new ‘tanks’ to its arsenal: surprise, peace (the best fighter is one who never gets angry – Sun Tzu).

A grand ceremony was held at the PAC factory during the roll out and attended by Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan as Chief Guest.

Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing, Executive Vice President of Chinese Aviation Industries Hao Zhaoping also attended the event as guest of honor.

On the occasion, PAC and China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation also signed an agreement for co-production of Chinese commercial aircraft.